Tiny Houses

What is the Tiny House Movement at Leaps and bounds?

The tiny house movement is different things to different people. It depends on your individual needs!

  • Some people want to live simply and leave a smaller environmental footprint
  • Some need to live cheaply in order to pay debts like student loans
  • Some want to live cheaply so that they can drive a better car
  • Some people just want to downsize their current living situation
  • Some desire to have a seasonal or weekend getaway home in the country so their children can experience nature and “unplug”
  • Regular visitors to the Finger Lakes may want their own tiny house destination so they can visit anytime and not need to find lodging

The beauty is that your tiny house (if small enough) can be completely mobile! And if you decide you need something a little larger, it might require a bit more (like special permits), but can still be transported. Some people build (or have built for them) tiny homes on flat bed wagons for ease in transportation once they save money for their own land or decide to travel. Others may not ever want to move their tiny house and choose to sell it where it sits! If you love the Finger Lakes Region and travel here often or perhaps work here seasonally or year round and would like to live closer to the winery you work at, consider a tiny house. There are over a dozen wineries within less than 10 miles from here! We are 8 miles from Trumansburg, 20 miles from Ithaca, 16 miles from Watkins Glen and are in the South Seneca School District.

How does it all start at Leaps and bounds Tiny House Community?

If you are serious about building/creating your unique tiny house, start by asking yourself these questions:

  • What are my housing needs/wants? Off-the-Grid or solar electric? Traditional amenities?
  • What dimensions will serve my needs?
  • What design/style suits me and my family?
  • Consider where you want it located. In the woods or a meadow? Near a creek, hedgerow or closer to the road?
  • What foundation do I want? Gravel, cement, piers? It is up to you and whether you will move it one day or sell it in place.
  • Will you do-it-yourself or hire contractors?
  • What can I afford for lot rent? Lot rents vary by the location from $200 to $300 per month
  • Complete an interview profile/sign hassle free contract before beginning

For more information about Leaps and bounds Tiny House Community contact us. We can provide you with local contractors who may help you get started on an affordable housing alternative.